The easiest way to be successful – do something you love to do
Unlike a sporting event, happiness is not just something we can take aim at and achieve. Happiness results from the daily choices and decisions that we make in our lives. Obviously, one of these choices has to be to do something worthwhile and satisfying. This, of course, means being involved with and accomplishing the kinds of feelings we want to experience most of the time.

Have you noticed the significant characteristic of successful people – people who are happy and fulfilled in what they do? They love what they do because what they do is an expression of their gifts and talents.

When considering what you want the future to hold for you in terms of fulfilment, success and happiness, it can be useful to think about the difference between the notion ofcareer and the notion ofvocation. This may be a shift to a whole new level of thinking but it is worth considering. Very simply, acareer is goal-oriented. Avocation however focuses on the wider purpose for your whole life. So yourvocation should guide and influence your choices ofcareer. To putcareer ahead ofvocation tends to be less gratifying in the long-run, because it really only satisfies a short-term need to provide temporary gain, such as money or status. Research shows, however, that those who make the most success are those who choose jobs that are satisfying and fulfilling, and in keeping with their life purpose i.e. theirvocation. Those who seek to be fulfilled in their work because it is in keeping with their natural abilities are committed to doing, and being, their best. The irony is that often they exceed even their own expectations. The result is success, and money follows success as surely as spring follows winter.

So while goals are certainly important markers of our journey through life, the general purpose for our lives is far grander and more significant than perhaps we might ever have considered. Career Counselling is an enjoyable process to invest time and energy in. It helps you uncover the core things that motivate and energise you, bringing out creativity, excitement and commitment – the key characteristics of any successful career. Pathways Counselling specialises inCareer Counselling and has specific programmes designed for those looking for a job, those wanting to analyse their current job and, those facing job loss.

‘Your past cannot be changed but you can change tomorrow by your actions today’

Karen Buckland