Pathways Counselling – Editorial – Weekender


Have you ever thought about the notion of your ‘best self’? What does it mean to you? My suggestion is that that is the person that you were designed and born to be – in all your magnificence – before life’s muddles and worries and hurts came along and burst your balloons of potential – or at least caused a slow leak in them.

To revitalise our ‘best selves’ often simply takes an awareness that that person exists within us – and that like a spring of water, nothing can completely stem it’s flow. Things can happen to us that harm those sensitive balloons of potential that make up our best self, or we can actually just make choices that result in their neglect and ultimate deflation, whether fast or slow. But however small our best self gets, nothing can actually destroy it. And it can indeed be regenerated and re-energised. How exciting is that?

A natural part of the process then would be to isolate those balloons of potential and give them names. Remember nobody else in all of history is the same as you. Just as your DNA is unique to you so is your particular blend of potential. Think about the positive things in you that you like and that will give you the beginnings of an accurate impression or description of who your best self is.

What you focus on expands. If you were going to grow your ‘best self’ today how would you start? What balloon of potential would you give your attention to first. For example, if it was compassion, what would be the first positive difference you would notice within yourself? What would you then notice that you would be doing differently? Who else would notice and what difference would that make for them?

Being your best self – the self you were designed to be, is the most comfortable position you can be in – the journey is relaxing because you are walking, at last, in a pair of shoes the right size for you. You can go as far as you like – over rough ground and steep, and never be exhausted from having to be something that you are not. Why would you delay discovering more of your best self?