The notion of the ‘fifth column’ arose out of the Spanish Civil War in 1936. It referred to the network of betrayal from inside a certain  city that was under attack and that represented the major hope to the Commanding General attempting to conquer the city. In the same way, this is the only way we can ultimately be defeated – from within ourselves rather than from without.

It has been said that the greatest competition you will ever experience will be between your disciplined mind and your undisciplined mind. The regular  recognition and resolution of this conflict is extremely helpful. It can be useful  to get an actual  conversation going between the two – to literally have your disciplined mind sitting in a higher chair and your undisciplined mind represented in a lower seat. Move from one to the other and have an actual conversation in which you present the points of view of each to the other.

You will find yourself discerning very quickly what excuses you have to give up in order to unleash your greater potential.  You will more easily focus  on strength instead of weakness and learn to value the process of winning in a very fascinating way.