How to recession-proof your emotions
In today’s world, the challenge is to live your dreams. It is the challenge to not get wrapped up in useless and meaningless daily activities that do not support your spirit. It requires you to step out of the ‘machine’ and reconnect with what your heart desires”. Thomas Herold

What does ‘supporting your spirit’ mean? And what does it mean to ‘reconnect with what your heart desires’? Surely, at a very basic level, one of the things it means is the supporting and nourishing of who you know to be your best self. It means connecting with the person you know you were born to be, and treasuring that person and celebrating and nourishing your uniqueness.

There are a number of positive strengths that we are born with in seed form that, if developed, will make us stronger and more able to cope when times get tough. Those strengths actually feed each other. An example is the seed of courage. It’s hard to grow courage in ourselves without growing determination at the same time. The trick is to find one that will spark as many others as possible.

When we are challenged or threatened or fearful one of the first things to leave us is our joy. And when that happens a lot of other positive things within us go quiet .And yet when joy is grown a whole number of other seeds start to grow – serenity, enthusiasm, purposefulness, zeal and creativity, to name a few. Joy as such is beyond happiness because it is more than just an emotional reaction to luck or circumstance. It can be developed and maintained in spite of circumstances – much like a desert animal in drought can preserve itself by cleverly storing water in it’s body.

A way of developing joy and maintaining it is to adopt the habit of being grateful – of perceiving the blessings in each moment, and continually expressing appreciation for those. Even if you are sick, for example, and can only take in water, you can be grateful that the water is cold. Taking time to stop and reflect on the good things in your life, no matter how small, in itself naturally brings a sense of abundance. This in itself is a magnet for joy. And when we feel joy it brings a deep sense that life is inherently good. It leaves us optimistic and hopeful. It brings with it a strong connection to our purpose which is the natural state of our souls i.e. being what we were born to be.